Sredna K

What a beautiful and heartbreaking thing friendship is. Hard to put into words but I feel it with everything I am. I hear Nowelle’s voice in my head when I want to give up. I feel her prescence when I light candles and talk to her. I’m glad we live life to the fullest, not wasting a moment. Precious memories long outlive us.

This is hard for me to say

I didn’t want anyone to know

That day in the forest

I felt magic in the trees

My apple fell once I took a bite

Wishing for someone to like me

I wished and wished

I hoped beyond hope

These memories mean everything

So don’t diminish my love

Or make me feel bad

I look at the sky and see

My past from years ago

I was a child then with dreams

Naïve and innocent I read

Books teaching how to bottle true love

But it can’t be bought or taught

It leaks out from our very pores

And we are covered in its scent.

I am always changing

And still true to my teenage years

The angst and rebellion

I still hold dear

That’s me through and through

I don’t belong

And I’m inspired by that

Never Satisfied with the currency

Of our Society

So let me take a moment to say

I reject your notions

your “help”

your “god”

your “goodness”


and everything about You

I plain REJECT You.

the end :)

It was really nice to reject all your notions

Your beliefs

Your life

And your sucky existence

Fuck You

I’m done.

What do we have in this world if not our dreams? Just going through life for the purpose of existing? Existing to exist...My soul has died too many times to live that way any longer. Money doesn’t buy happiness, time spent with loved ones and letting the creativity and beauty of our souls shine through are what matters. So take beauty in and when you exhale, show her what you see.

Life is beautiful.

Sredna K

Sredna K

Hi all! I do all kinds of writing. Poems, short stories, plays, songs, essays etc.