Sredna K

What a beautiful and heartbreaking thing friendship is. Hard to put into words but I feel it with everything I am. I hear Nowelle’s voice in my head when I want to give up. I feel her prescence when I light candles and talk to her. I’m glad we live life to the fullest, not wasting a moment. Precious memories long outlive us.



This is hard for me to say

I didn’t want anyone to know

That day in the forest

I felt magic in the trees

My apple fell once I took a bite

Wishing for someone to like me

I wished and wished

I hoped beyond hope

These memories mean everything

So don’t diminish my love

Or make me feel bad

I look at the sky and see

My past from years ago

I was a child then with dreams

Naïve and innocent I read

Books teaching how to bottle true love

But it can’t be bought or taught

It leaks out from our very pores

And we are covered in its scent.



I am always changing

And still true to my teenage years

The angst and rebellion

I still hold dear

That’s me through and through

I don’t belong

And I’m inspired by that

Never Satisfied with the currency

Of our Society

So let me take a moment to say

I reject your notions

your “help”

your “god”

your “goodness”


and everything about You

I plain REJECT You.

the end :)

It was really nice to reject all your notions

Your beliefs

Your life

And your sucky existence

Fuck You

I’m done.



Sredna K

Sredna K

Hi all! I do all kinds of writing. Poems, short stories, plays, songs, essays etc.