See The Moon

See the moon in black of night
Darkest dark meet darkest light
Sprinkles of what we cannot see
Lay bare the fate of mortality.

Looking to the sky I wonder
of all the billion complications
As big bang shouts her imitation.

Yet I stand small on this great earth
Looking to you, wondering my worth.

I too would love to quell the sea
shift the tides and cool the day
living on since time began-

Yet there is a price to pay.
Being alone with nothing to say.

Being human, I need to speak
I have thoughts and dreams
And often wonder about human creation
that’s been stifled from ignorance’s penetration.

But out of it all I see-
You hovering there, in infinite space
And finally, I know my place.



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Sredna K

Sredna K

Hi all! I do all kinds of writing. Poems, short stories, plays, songs, essays etc.